Brett de Vos

Brett de Vos is a South African born director with a Dutch heritage.

He studied & subsequently lectured at a film school in the heart of Johannesburg, before starting his career directing music videos & commercials. After nearly two years as creative director at local agency Brett decided to immigrate to the rich creatively collaborative city of Amsterdam. His move was incited by his need to constantly push the boundaries of creativity & innovation in his work & reach a more international audience.

Brett’s work takes on two distinctive styles:

His comedic & abstract work has a clearly defined voice: captured by controlled, often static perspectives, the heavily stylised art direction & performances are set against colourful 2-dimensional worlds imbued in post-modern retro palettes & prints. This creates characters & stories that are undeniably original, charming & enjoyable.

His more dramatic work is the polar opposite. Long, fluently moving & viscerally engaging cinematography captures the raw & genuine characters & narratives he weaves effortlessly together. His style of casting & direction, ensures performances that are 100% believable for both the viewers & the actors themselves. The resultant narratives are intimate explorations into the nuances & fragility of characters, their relationships & lives, rendered against a world whose beauty & sadness is depicted in the most grand & subtle of manners.

Brett is interested in exploring the role of identity, individuality & the progression of consciousness in his work. His films challenge social structures & conforms in a subliminal manner - always dripping with multiple layers of meaning: both visual & thematic.